Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Reading the title you may think I have another great sale or giveaway, sorry to disappoint but no that is the title of my latest page.


The photos come from a family shopping trip when Brenden sat Chloe in a big display of 'pillow pets' at 6 moths old. This kinda stuff happens all the time with Brenden around.

Again, it is a sketch challenge from the fantastic embellishment shop Purple Pumpkin. Each month they have a great sale and this month I snatched up a Girl Lucky Dip bag and can't wait to see what will be inside!

It has been a while since I've created a brightly coloured layout, so seeing as these photos remind me of the fun silly things that Brenden does with his bubba, I wanted to go full on colour!

The FUN sticker was actually an accident, I was holding the sticker over to see if it would work and got too close because I couldn't get it back again. I am happy with it but I would have tried to avoid the crease.

Once I had finished the page and stick it all down, I decided it needed something else. All the clean edges annoyed me, so I took a zig pen and doodled around everything to mess it up a bit.

I probably shouldn't admit this on the internet (and Mandy you'll love this).
I had finished the page and photoed it and began to type up my post. For some reason a little red line kept showing up under my title, go away little line.
Then I looked back at my page and the photos of it.
Oh Shit!
I spelled the title wrong.
Luckily I was able to get the sticker off with out ripping the paper and did some extra doodling to hide the wrong outline. Thank god for spell check!
Anyone else done something silly like that?



  1. Yes Anna thanks God for spell check as well. I could always be your spell check Nic. You can't even tell where the mistake is, you could have kept it to yourself and we would be none the wiser! Great looking page. Can't wait to see you all in August, I am counting down the days. XXXX

  2. LOL..that has happened to me too! It looks just fine to me!!! A lovely happy page!!!Thanks for playing along at PP!!!

  3. Oh what a cute page! I love it! Thanks so much for playing along - LOVE this!!! :D

  4. Super cute, and love your bright papers, well done! Thanks for playing along with us at Purple Pumpkin, hope to see you this month for our Recipe Challenge x

  5. how cute...think i have photos exactly like these...thanks for playing along at PP

  6. Love this cute lil page Nicole, and you won't be disappointed when you get your lucky dip, I have mine and it's fab!! Thanks so much for playing along at Purple Pumpkin :)

  7. Thanks mum!!! I can't wait to see you in August also Nicicole! My wait time to see you is two days less than mum =)Just thought I might bring that up since my spelling came into question. You are doing a brilliant job Nicicole!

  8. If you hadn't told us we'd never know.. you totally can't tell where you spelt the title wrong.
    And yes... I've definitely done that before. Except I spelt my title with letters that weren't sticking very well, so not only did I then glue them down (spelt wrongly) but sewed them into place with my sewing machine too!! Yep - there's no going back from that one :-)