Friday, October 5, 2012

Not A Layout

Yes. Thats right, today I am not sharing a layout.
Last time I stopped by to say hi, I shared a layout about Chloes first Easter which had a sequence of photos of Chloe eating her first chocolate egg.
Did anyone notice the Easter basket that Chloe pulled the egg from...?
I actually made that basket for Chloe completely from scratch in the week leading to Easter (I was just a lil excited).
How about I start with the before:

Yep. I made my daughter something from beer, well the box anyway, the beer went to a happy place =D

I started by free hand cutting a trapezoid. Then using the first one as a template, cut out 5 more and glued them together. I traced around the bottom of the glued hexagon onto more cardboard, cut it out and glued it for the base.

Next up was the material lining. I cut a rough circle out of some satiny fabric and hot glue gunned it to the out side of the hexagon basket.

Then come foam and lots of it. Another 6 trapezoids cut from pink foam and a strip of purple make up the main basket. I attached the handle using two brads and decorated below both sides with a bow from Easter bunny ribbon and some lil Easter eggs.

On the other sides I foam pierced some more Easter eggs and a bunny. I wish I could take credit for the bunny however I used a pattern from the internet which I printed, traced, cut and stuck. I added some brads to the eggs for decorations and a bow to the bunny.

And ta-daa done.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. You are a clever chick!!! (My idea of a joke there) It can be used for years to come! Hugs and kisses to you all. XXX

  2. Oh so cute!!! And Lol about the beer going to a "happy place". 2 funny! xo