Monday, February 24, 2014

Couple of Cards

Hello fabulous people!
Things have been a little quite around here for a bit. The start of each month always seems to be my busiest time and so far this month the time I have had I haven't been able to concentrate on just one project long enough! Once again too many ideas from way too much inspiration!
But I did manage to sit down a create a lil couple of cards for Brenden.

People that know Brenden and I will know we are definitely not the most romantic couple! In fact we have barely ever been on a date before and Valentines Day... Whats that?!? But for some unknown reason this year on February 14th I was compelled to make a card, so this is what I did:

Its pretty simple, 3 coats of paint from the same stencil slightly moved on 'brick' pattern paper with a punched heart and stamp on a strip of 'wood' paper. Thats it. And lucky I did too because Brenden surprised me with a single red rose!
Not very long after Valentines Day comes Brendens birthday so while I was at it, I whipped up a card for that too. 

Again a very simple design, using the reverse of the 'brick' paper, the same 'wood' paper, 2 MME wood banners and 1 screw brad. 
I'll keep the insides of the cards between Brenden and I. But hope you like the fronts.

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