Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Question Or Two

Hey there wonderful friends in the bloggersphere.
I am interupting my usual stream of scrapbooking pages to ask a favour of you, yes you! The amazing reader of this humble blog.
You may or may not have noticed a little tab at the top of my blog which reads 'Scrap Resume'. Currently this takes you to a rather useless page with a very small bit of poorly worded blurb about myself and scrapbooking.
I would like to update and rewrite this page so it can become imfortative, postive and correct.
Hence I am asking you, the subjective reader of my blog a few questions which a would truly appreciate your in put in and any other suggestions.
First off, how would you describe my style of scrapbooking? If it helps feel free to drop by my gallery here. It certainly does not have all my layouts but hopefully enough to get a feel.
Also, what information is important for a scrapbooking resume? I cant say I have really written one before.
How often should the scrap resume be updated?
I tend to participate in many online scrapping challenges and have been lucky enough to win a few, should I list these there?
I would value any in put and suggestions.
Thank you so very much in advance!!
XoXoX Nicole

1 comment:

  1. Your blog and gallery are your primary resume. Maybe summarise what you are seeking, what you can offer (step by step tutorials, sketches, videos) and link to specific examples. If you want a DT gig, think about what the company wants from having a DT. If you have a large following on a particular social media, give details or maybe you participate in forums/FB groups? Good luck☺