Friday, June 28, 2013

Hi Again.

Well hello there.
After an extremely lengthy absence I am finally back in the blog-o-sphere and a LOT has happen while I was gone!!
  • We have moved from the small 2 bedroom top floor apartment into an oddly layed out (but good) 4 bedroom house with a great yard! Oh the space!! 
  • I turned another year older (bugger, but as my mum always said 'if your not getting older you dead' so I'll take the number increase thanks)
  • Brenden hit the dirty thirties and shaved off his dreadlocks!! Such a grown-up now. We raised quite a bit of money for the Leukemia Worlds Greatest Shave.
  • Chloe keeps growing and surprising/amazing us! Love that girl! So many stories to share coming soon.
  • And last, but certainly not least, we welcomed little Mr. Jayce Owen Pallister into the world.
Yep folks. That's right, there is now 4 in this lil family of mine!

Jayce was born on the 5th of June weighing a big 3.9kg or 8lb 10oz (which believe it or not was actually a relief, an ultrasound one week before predicted him to be 4.3kg!) he was 52cm long and had a (huge) head circumference of 38cm.

He came via a emergency cesarean at 4pm because the silly boy was trying to look out the exit (face presentation). I'll save all the birth/pregnancy stories for another day.

This is also the main cause of my disappearance from the scrapping scene, serious morning sickness!! That combined with a very active daughter, once she could walk she wasn't stopping and still rarely does.
Hopefully I will get back into scrapping again soon. I keep looking longingly at the still packed boxes marked 'scrapbooking' but haven't got the chance to open them up yet, let alone sit down and create a page.

When I do make some again you guys will be the first to see them. Until then I hope to make posts about life in general. Stories, events, tid-bits, the goods and the bads about being a stay at home mum with my two kidlets. And as a added bonus, these stories will be saved here for me to maybe scrap later.

Until next time the nap times line up!

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  1. Looks good Nic, looking forward to reading your stories and seeing your scrapping in not too long.