Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dancing Spirit - 123 Challenge

* Please note I am still battling away posting from my phone while my computer is out of action. Please excuse poor picture and content quality. Thank you. *

Welcome to my slice of the Internet. I have with me a scrapbooking page to share. I am finally recording more of the everyday moments and things that my kiddies DO rather then the 1 in a million picture perfect shots.
Chloe loves to dance/jump/spin/generally run around like crazy! When I'm in the kitchen she often dances to the ABC, so one day a just sat there and held my camera button down while she did her thing.

Inspiriation for this page came from the 1 2 3 challenge blog. The Febuary challenge went up a bit late so has been extended until March 22nd it can be found here

Colour: Purple. Well there is plenty of that. I think this is as close to a monochrome layout as I will ever get.
Word: Spirit. It is front and centre (technically bottom and right) in the title. 
Technique: Texture. It is hard to portray this through pictures but it's there. I have used texture paste, foam, glitter glue and sequins.

I enjoyed working with so many photos on the one page. My theory is more photos equals more story. It did make embelliahing and arranging a little more difficult, to fix this I used the 3rd dimension height. (Again hard to photo)

Ok, I have to be honest. This page took me a lot longer then what I thought/hoped it would. I knew instantly the general look, squares/rectangles in a diagonal small to big and back again. However just when I thought it was done I'd look back at it and think something is missing. I got to the stage below and considered calling it a day but it wasn't quite right and was described as "not fun enough"

Looking back at it again I still wonder if the right bottomish is still a little lacking.
Since painstakingly typing this up on my phone (seriously this is not easy) I have thought of a possible addition which might fix this and add even more texture. Not sure if I should or not. What do you think? Take it a step further? Leave it as is? Or have I already gone too far? Let me know.
XoXoX Nicole.


  1. Chloe looks so grown up in these shots! I'm not sure I like that! Love the background. I think it makes the colours in the photos really pop! Backing the photos with the different purple colours also enhances the shots. Smarty pants! XXXX

  2. Nicole this is quite simply fabulous! You've achieved a gorgeous flow with all those photos and layering them the way you have done is oh so effective. I'm so glad you joined us at 123! :)

  3. Gorgeous page full of fun and movement - I love the journaling around the edge of the page and the sprinkle of sequins and those pictures are so sweet! Thanks for playing with us at 1-2-3 this month :o)

  4. wow, I just adore this page! I love how you included so many photos and I am totally going to steal that idea of layering them with foam squares!