Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My Scrap Space - Version 1

I LOVE to get a glimpse into other peoples scrap spaces. Not sure which part of it I like most. Finding storage tips/tricks. Seeing what supplies they put closest to their work space.  The jealousy of wishing I had a space even remotely like that... Its totally all of the above!
For these reasons I have decided to do one of my own. 
Note this is version one! These photos were taken in February and things look a little different now...

Welcome to my scrap space.

Yes. That is our dining room table. 
Yes. This is where I do my scrapbooking. 
Yes. We eat here almost every night.
No. It doesn't usually look like that...

If you follow me on instagram here you would have seen these pics above of what it looks like mid-project.
I insist on eating dinner at the table as a family and hence have to pack-up what I'm doing every night. As you can imagine this is extremely frustrating.

As for my scrappy supplies, if you turn around from where this photo was taken you will be in our lounge room and find this along the back wall.

A bookshelf-desk-bookshelf arrangement which houses, among other things, my scrappiness. 
As indicated by the two rugrats that crept into the photos, my space needs to be child friendly and baby-safe. Thankfully Chloe is a pretty good kid as long as you explain things to her, so she knows the bottom to shelves are hers the others are mummies. As for Jayce, he can't reach yet. When he can we are going to need taller bookshelves. That kid is such a boy!

The first bookshelf holds the majority of it (the second one just holds the albums and other random odds and ends that don't get used much, other then the printer on top).

The top of the unit features a little purple accordion folder that holds my pre-printed photos, each to be page has its own sections sometimes with embellishments I plan to use with them. A little wooden box from the reject shop houses my mists/sprays/paints (although I think I may be about to out grow it). Three cropper hopper paper holders, these are a recent addition which I am extremely happy about, due to funds I didn't buy any dividers and instead use manila folders with the company written on the top which sits above the papers. This works great as inside the folders doubles as off-cut/scraps holder.

The top shelf has a thin wire basket for my sticky stuff that fits nicely in front of what should be a waste bin that contains my thickers/alphabet stickers. Two black baskets also from the reject shop hold a bunch of my embellishments in no real order, you just kinda gotta flick through until you find what your after (or anything else that tickles your fancy). And a little wooden box that was given to me years ago sits under one with inks in it.

The second shelf also has two black baskets, one for stamps and one for newer embellishments and another wooden box which holds my chipboard. While the black photo box gives a home to my small amount of flowers. 

The desk here holds many scrapy bits and bobs, scissors and pens and buttons and stuff. Although is manly for my laptop and dumping stuff (it is never this neat). I did try to scrap here for a little while but it is just not deep enough and then there was no safe place near power for my laptop.

Above the desk two pieces of dwell rest between the bookshelves on which I have alot of ribbon considering I very rarely use it and another wire basket full to the brim with washi tape. Also from the desk side of the second bookshelf hangs a portable tools thingo that I put random tools in.

I hope you have enjoyed a look through my back-dated scrap space! And hopefully version 2 won't be too far behind.
XoXoX Nicole


  1. That is the neatest I have ever seen your scrapping area! If you can't use the ribbons, I'll have them :) You are very lucky that the kiddies don't attack it more often. I think plans will change when Jayce is older! Neanie did a great job with the shelving. Can't wait to see version 2. XXX

  2. I like your storages!! Everything is close by!!