Thursday, June 14, 2012

ScrabBurst #1

Scrapville are doing a great challenge for the month on June that they called Scrapburst. The idea is to create a layout using the criteria of the scrapburst. There are 4 altogether and you have until June 30th to complete and email them in.
Today I share with you my layout for scrapburst #1

Your layout can only include a combination of Kraft and 2 other Colours. Mix and Match to get them right, but only using these elements. You may use your chosen techniques BUT in these colours (where applicable)!

My Daughter

The photos in the layout are actually the same photo, one in colour and one black and white. I had both printed and couldn't decide which was better, the colours are great but you can see her smiling face better in the black and white one, hence there both there.

I love this little sticker, it is so true! I've had it in my stash for ages and have been dying to use it.
Go check out the scrapburst for yourself and I'll share my others when there done.

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  1. LOOK at that smile - who wouldn't love it!!!! Another great page Nic. XXXX