Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sleep Tight

Another personal record was broken yesterday, two layouts in one day! Yay!
I'm starting to feel a lot like a single mum, Brenden is away for the 4th week in a row so hopefully more pages by the end of this week, a page a day, wish me luck.

Nighty Night

Sleep Tight

This page is the second one completed yesterday and features six photos of some of the weird ways Chloe sleeps. Her favourite is up on her knees with her puppy close by, crazy child!
I fought with this page for a while, I couldn't decide which colours to focus on from the photos. At first I thought pink with white dots like her sheets, then browns from the puppy and even thought of blowing a photo of her puppy as the backround. Finally I decided to just ignore the photo colours and think about the subject instead. Sleeping, night time = silver and blue.

This page is again inspired from a creative scrappers sketch and again I have rotated it, this tie 90degrees to the left. I love this sketch, it has room for lots of photos and still leaves some white space. I actually printed the photos for this sketch so this page probably wouldn't have happened without it.

I have used one of my new favourite techniques again, misting. My original plan was to create the idea of a misted star baby mobile onto the background, but honestly couldn't be bothered. Instead I punched 'Z's out of blank paper and used them with some stars as marks. I ended up using some of the masking zs as embellishments.

Hope you like the page and I best start creating so I have something to share with you tomorrow.

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  1. I could honestly look at pages of Chloe ALL day!!! She is the cutest thing to grace this earth! Another great page Nikki-noo!! XXXX