Thursday, June 7, 2012

Zoom Zoom

So after months and months and months (and I really do mean months) of searching for a scrapbook store thats not too far away, it turns out there was a huge one just around the corner this whole time!! My bank account is going to notice this discovery!
Today I share another of last weeks new layouts. There are some new techniques for me on this page.

Zoom Zoom

First, I created a series of photos, kinda like a film strip, to show Chloe running down the hallway. To do this I just inserted each photo into a word document, resized and printed on A4 photo paper.
Second, is the chipboard title which is painted then traced around with a silver pen.
Third, I watered down some paint and spattered it onto the background cardstock, can't really she it in the pictures.
And finally the chevron pattern through the middle is actually straight lined pattern paper which was cut at 30 degrees in even pieces, stuck to a piece of plain paper, then cut out as it is now.

We called Chloe road runner (among other things) while she was racing around in her walker, so I found the baby road runner picture on the net and printed it.
Chloe really could get up some speed in that thing. She was a bit upset when we went back home to the carpet floors but built her leg muscles up and now zooms faster then ever everywhere.

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  1. Fantastic effort Nic. What's on the side of the wall at Neanies? I can't work it out! XXX