Monday, August 26, 2013

Made it!

So I mentioned at the bottom of Wednesdays post that I was driving back to my home town with my two kidlets. You'll be pleased to know we all made it alive and well.

Brenden insisted that my car got a service before I left, I'm pretty slack on car care (I don't think I have even ever washed my car myself) and she was well and truly overdue for one. Seeing as we were flat out all the weekends and our mechanic is a Chloe-unwalkable distance from public transport that just left Wednesday when I, and the kids, could get a lift back from Cathy.
I had planned from the beginning to drive through the night. It would have been way too hectic trying to keep them both feed, asleep and happy when needed during the day. Jayce still sleeps well at the start of the night so I figured I'd bottle 'em both up, throw them in the car to sleep and hopefully arrive before they wake.
Anyway, back to the car thing. So Cathy ended up taking Chloe for the day. Great I thought, give me plenty of time to pack and get organized.  Of course I forgot Mr. Hold-Me Hold-Me would want to be held all day and there wasn't much I could pack without a car to pack it in.
Eventually Brenden gets home, we get my car back and Chloe and I finally make some progress. 

Amazingly and very suprisingly everything fitted in! I even snuck a large portion of my scrapping stuff in and still have room! The last few things were just extra toys thrown on top!

Ok, so, I have done this trip with just Chloe many times before and nearly always struggled to get it all in. So somehow I've managed to add an extra person, extra car seat and their extra stuff and take up less room... Either my car tetras skills have seriously improved, I've finally learnt how to pack light or I've forgotten a bunch of stuff... knowing me, I think it will be the latter.
So this is my boot space:

This is is my boot space with just Jayces pram:

And this is how much else I fitted in:

With a lil help from the back seat.

But still magic! Seriously champion worthy car tetras there!

8:08 PM - Leaving our house. Not looking forward to the drive.
8:34 PM - Fill the car to the brim at the petrol station right at the start of the highway.

9:02 PM - Chloe finally stops pointing out all the cars and trucks and stars and Jayce and blanket and doggy and dark and anything else she can see and doses off to sleep.
10:46 PM - Pull into Yass Service Centre to top up and pee.

11:01 PM - Back on the road.
1:34 AM - Pull off the highway for the last leg of the journey. Jayce starts to stir.
2:04 AM - I spot the Uncle Tobys factory just at the edge of town. As a kid I used to sing "I see Uncle Tobys" and clap along excitedly when coming home from anywhere and in my delirious over-tired state I start doing this again.
2:08 AM - Arrive in Mums driveway!
Exactly 6 hours after I left home. From driveway to driveway. No joke. Here's proof.

2:10 AM - Try to race Chloe into bed so she won't wake up. No such luck. Greeted by 3 very excited women.
2:13 AM - Jayces turn. Rush him into the prepared pot-a-cot, he wriggles a lil then closes his eyes. All 4 of us run out of the room.
2:20 AM - Jayce looks like this:

Bugger. I give him a feed and he still looks like this.
4:00 AM (approx) - We are all off to sleep. Finally. 24 hours since I had woken up the day before. But we made it.
8:37 AM - Jayce is up. So is Chloe. And our Victorian adventure begins!

Considering it has taken me an extra-extremely long time to get this post sorted with much frustration between my phone, the very limited/slow internet access and old-old computer things will be a little quiet around this side off the blog-o-sphere until I get back to Sydney.
In the meantime, given the information above, can anyone guess my hometown? (clearly not intended for those who know me personally)
XoXoX Nicole


  1. I'm impressed with your Tetris skill with the car! And that's coming from a self-proclaimed Tetris Queen! Oh yeah - I even use capitals! I have to pass on guessing your hometown. Cool pics - you take great photos! And I love your comment on my blog "typeless" - so funny! :D

  2. Was SO excited to be at the other end to cuddle and kiss all of you and so happy that you arrived without a hitch. Have thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with your little darlings Nic. Extra clue on home town - it starts with C.