Monday, August 5, 2013

Lots of Thanks

Babies are amazing lil things! And being so small its incredible what they can do. Like how loud they can cry, the amount of poo they can produce and the ability to bring people together.
People have come from near and far to meet our little man and our family has been showered in love and gifts! It really is touching! I had to do something to show how much it is appreciated, so I made these:

Unfortunately I didn't have enough product/time to make one for every person that deserved one, sorry about that guys and girls.
And sorry blog readers, I've been holding out on you. I made them quite awhile ago now but wanted to be sure the recipients got to see theirs first.

To make the cards I began with the photo from my DIY photo shoot, which took me 2 weeks to print! Turns out if my printer is out of a colour it just refuses to print in any colour until you figure out what the heck is going on. (Anyone want a copy of this photo in black and white, I have plenty!)
Since I've been absent from the scrapping world a new craze has come along, ombre. And I knew I wanted to use this technique. However it turns out to be a lil difficult to perfect.
It is suprisingly hard to change the shade of the paper without changing the tone. Unless you use a small trick I thought of (while wondering through bunnings of all places). Paint samples!! The paint company has done all the hard work for you! There just sitting there, for free, waiting to be punched out and stuck down!

I used an alpha punch set to make the sentiment as I kinda wanted the photo to be more of the focus. I was going to use the punched letters on the inside as well but my OCD child cleaned them up and put them in the bin within minutes. Instead the inside looks a lil like this:

Considering I was making multiple cards, it just seemed logical to use stamps and punches. That way I was able to production line them after the first one was just right.
Saying thank you once was not enough, hence I stamped the background over and over with three different 'thank you's in white so they are subtle under the hand written personal message.

I also wanted to put Jayce's birth details somewhere on the card, having run out of room of the front and finding this Kaisercraft stamp in my stash, I had my solution. (And only now I realise I probably should have included his birth date too... woops...)

I couldn't resist grading him on the three main newborn characteristics. And let me tell you, he deserves that F and A+!!! (More on that here)


  1. A fantastic thank you card. The gradings made us laugh. I am keeping my card always. Xxxx

  2. Awesome Nicicole, sounds like Chloe is going to be a bit like my mum :-\

  3. This is too cute!!! Loving your grading system - ha!! I once had 2 under 2 as well, my girls are 3, and 1...they are 22 months apart. It is most definitely challenging, but worth it :) Looking forward to reading more on your blog!