Monday, August 19, 2013

Two Months New

A bit late, again..
Things have beencrazy around here! Brenden and I have not had a free weekend with the house to ourselves since before Jayce was born and we're looking at another month until it will happen again!!

Jayce has hit the two month mark, yay, and I am please to tell you there has been some major improvements since his one month bday, double yay!

There has been less of this:

And more of this:

The most notable difference is definitely his sleeping.
During the day he is still shocking. There is one nap for about 30 minutes, just long enough for me to flick the TV on for Chloe, have a quick shower, put a load of washing on and if I'm really lucky tidy up a lil. Other then that its really only if we are out and about he'll nap longer then 10 mins in the pram/car seat.
However now at night he has started sleeping for around 9 hours! Woohoo! Unfortunately it starts at 6pm which means he is still waking up sometime between 2-4am! Bugger!! And by the time I get Chloe to bed, clean up a bit, possibly chill with Brenden and the time it takes me to hit the zzzs, I'm not getting a full night sleep. He will go back to sleep but not well. He grunts and groans heaps! So I usually try my best to ignore until a more reasonable time.

Chloe doesn't get so upset when Jayce is crying anymore, instead she will come and tell me "Jayce ciryen" or yell "CRIET Jayce" (quiet Jayce). Have a mentioned that she can't say his name normally it is always in a high pitch tone.

Jayce is smiling big and happy, I swear I've got a few giggles aswell.
The two month stats:
Weight: 6.20 kg
Length: 60 cm
Head C: 40.25 cm

Jayce is starting to get some real arm control. He is able to swing at and hit hanging toys. But his favoutire past time seems to be watching his mobile and can lay there smiling at it for a good 20mins! (thats how long the music plays for) The mobile did come with a remote so you can turn it back on from a distance but Chloe has decided that it is her bag.

And he still loves his bath. I have been bathing him in the laundry sink because ease of access to water and not back-breaking like the bath tub. But it is getting harder to stop him from hitting his head on the end when he plays/kicks around.

Lets hope he keeps getting better! Can't wait until Chloe and I can play with him more!
XoXoX Nicole


  1. So cute!!! Can't wait to see you all on Thursday! XXXXXX

  2. Love'n it! Keep us all updated Nicicole!