Thursday, July 25, 2013

Big News Card

Way back in October last year on a lonely Tuesday afternoon, I learnt that Jayce was on his way. Yay. So the next step was to tell Brenden, however he had been working away most weeks, this one included.
I didn't want to throw the news at him over the phone while stuck in a truck with his boss. Again. Yeah, I had a lot of room for announcement improvement.
This time I wanted to do it right. Make a big deal. Watch his face expression. Chat about it. Etc. Etc. I had 3 days until he would be home, the paper crafter in me couldn't resist. I made this:

Making it look construction-like and having a silly pun on the front made it totally Brenden.
I made it using mainly kaisercraft, inculding konstrukt 6" paper pad and lettering, plus some yellow ribbon which I stamped onto.
The card opened up to reveal the news and a bit of proof:

To create the rays look I used a scrap piece of paper, cut it up into slices then removed a few and sprayed glimmer mist and repeated with the next colours.

So I had the card made and placed it in between the mail pile ready to be discovered. But of course things never go to plan...
The job Brenden was on took longer then expected and he wasn't going to be home until early Saturday morning. Normally not a big deal, but we had a wedding to attend in the afternoon. Nevermind I thought there would still be time. Then I get a call Saturday morning to say his stuck in some serious traffic and might meet me at the ceremony. Oh sh*t.
I now find myself wondering do I tell him at the wedding in front of heaps of our friends or do I wait until after and somehow disguise the fact i'm not drinking alcohol from an entire wedding party AND brenden too... Neither option sounded pleasing.
By some sort of miracle (and I suspect some speeding) he made it with just time for a shower and shave and me forcing him to look at the mail. When he got to this card he simply asked 'Who is this from?'. Idiot. And off to the wedding we went.


  1. You are such a clever thing! And he's a smart @##@! Well done Nic. Xxx

  2. LOL! That is such a funny story it has me laughing out loud! Great card!! Men - honestly!!

  3. LOLl!!! I love the card!!! Great idea!!!