Sunday, July 21, 2013

One Month New

I'm only a little bit late with this...
On the 5th Jayce was one month new!

It has been a trying first month. He is not a very content baby, there is no lay there and chill for him. When he is awake he thinks his hungry. When he is asleep, he will be awake soon and think he is hungry.
He constantly grunts and groans, constantly! We suspect he may be colic. After you get him to sleep, he will last a little while before pulling his legs up, more grunts and groans and often crys out in pain.

During the day, Jayce feeds nearly every two hours on the dot, no matter what! And at night I consider myself lucky if he makes it 3 hours... By the time I feed him, get him back to sleep, jump in bed myself and listen to him grunt for awhile, I get about an hour before I'm up again.
No matter what time he last feed and got to sleep, 6:15-6:30 is breakfast time. I'm talking he has had a feed at like 5:30 and he still wants more by 6:30.

In case some of you are wondering how I am still standing. Coffee and coffee flavoured chocolate and more coffee. I look longingly at V in the shops but am trying to stay clear considering my previous addiction to the stuff.

The one month stats.
Weight: 5.1kg
Length: 54cm
Head C: 38.5cm

He LOVES the bath. No smiles yet but when in the bath he just gets this happy look on his face and wiggles around in joy, makes it a bit hard to keep hold of him. He also loves to bounce off the wall of the bath and ends up hitting his head on the other end. 

Of course I couldn't get a snap of the really 'happy' look.
Jayce also loves his sister! And Chloe LOVES her brother. He will turn his head looking for her and be happy again while she is near. Thankfully Chloe is amazingly gentle with him, usually just hovering your hand over him or very softly 'cuddling' (touching heads) / kissing him. Often asking "Knees?" which means she'd like to hold him. Unfortunately though if Jayce is crying Chloe goes out in sympathy and gets upset too. So I end up with two cranky kids. Slightly frustrating!

Well he can only get better from here... right ... ?


  1. you are doing an awesome job two beautiful kids. wish i was closer to help out more. love you and your family heaps.

  2. Love the photo of Brenden and Jayce. Like father like son I'd say. Keep it up Nic. XXX