Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Big Hello

A big hello to anyone and everyone out there in the internet universe.
As I finally got a new laptop (after months without and serve withdrawals) I thought I'd treat myself and make my own little corner of the interverse.
So here it is. My blog.
Named 'Crafts For Chloe' after my beautiful little daughter Chloe, who has inspired me (and allowed me the time) to purse my creative side, well at least to see if a have one... 
I manly dip into scrapbooking, so I suppose a majority of my content will be layouts but who knows what else I will be compelled to share. 
I only became a scrapper just 7 months ago so I will be the first to admit that I am far from being a pro. I guess every person who scraps has a reason they began, obviously my reason is Chloe but the idea of scrapbooking came from my lovely mummy, who made me an album for my 21st. I thought it was fantastic and loved flicking through reminiscing. Just 2 months after that I discovered my mini-me was on the way and instantly knew I wanted my child to have what my mum had given me, a book that evoked feelings and memories.
So there is a nice blurb about me. I will endeavor to post often but with a 9 month old baby, I can't promise.
Hope you will stick around and visit often.
Lots of Love.


  1. I'm so proud of you Nicole. Are you going to still put up some of the others you have done? Keep up the great crafting!! XXX

  2. Awesome nicicole!