Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sleep Over

Going back in time again now.
This is another of my first few pages, the problem I had with this page was that it isn't an overly happy subject but I thought it was something that still should be scrapped. I tried to make it light-hearted with the child like title.
Sleep Over
in the special care nursery

The pictures depicted Chloe while she was under UV lights in the special care nursery because of jaundice, thankfully she was just there the one night. Looking back, it probably wasn't a huge thing but at the time (and possibly all those crazy hormones and because Brenden couldn't be there) it felt like the end of the world.
Unfortunately when I started out scrapping I was unaware of journaling, which this page really could of done with, it doesn't even mention jaundice anywhere.
When I went to do the page I was going to use a kaisercraft paper I had seen with cool clouds, but I couldn't find it at any local stores, so simply cut out my own and stuck them on blue cardstock.

The band through the middle is actually the eye cover Chloe had in hospital and in the photos. The alternative lettering in the title was from necessity not design, there are never enough e's.
Oh I also have to say a big thankyou to Chloe for having two massive naps yesterday and partner Brenden for cooking dinner so that I could start and finish a layout in the same day. Unheard of! Hopefully I can share it with you tomorrow
Bye for now.

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  1. Keep them coming Nicole. Enjoying every one - even the not so nice topics.