Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My First Smile

Sharing another cheap page with you today using cheap tip #1 from yesterday; print, trace and cut.

My First Smile

This entire page is created from 3 pieces of paper and two buttons. Total cost would be under $1.

I cut the two boarders from pink card stocks then used the left over inner section to cut out everything else. The button flowers actually hide my mistakes of not matching the waves up correctly but look good anyway.

A couple of things you must remember when using printed fonts for your title, make sure the font you have chosen is not too fiddly and delicate. It would suck to have spent all that time printing, tracing and cutting to then rip one when you go to glue it. Another helpful point is to trace to the back of your letters so that if you don't stick exactly to the lines they wont be seen, but remember to trace it backwards so that its right when you turn them over, this may have caught me out before...
Have fun.

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  1. I remember that smile!!! Everyone was so excited!!! Especially her great grandmother. Looks good Nic, XXX