Thursday, May 24, 2012

Love is...

Yet another sketch challenge for you guys.
This one comes from a great shop front store in albury/wodonga called scrapville that also runs a fantastic blog. I like the fact there challenge closes mid month rather then the end like all others and just love there skethes.
I had a very hard time deciding which photo to use with this one, had soo many ideas.

May 2012 Scrapville

I love doing sketch challenges, if you hadn't noticed. Who doesn't love the chance to win something. But mainly they provide a layout that I might not otherwise think of myself. No doubt I will end up with millions of pages for Chloe and would hate to look back and think they are too similar. I've already kinda done it once with the layout before and the next one I'll post.

Love is... Looking at You

I try to avoid too much pink both in Chloes clothes and her scrap pages, just because shes a girl doesn't mean she cant have blue. But with this layout I thought well she is a girl after all, lets pink it up. I may have even taken it a bit far... The sketch is flipped and even though the picture isn't exactly in the right spot, I think the sketch is still there.

I put the word 'you' in a brighter pink and different style so that you could read the title two ways depending where your eyes wonder, it could read 'Love is... Looking at You' or just 'Love is... You' both are so true and work well.
Until tomorrow.

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  1. I love the pink and Chloe looks gorgeous in it! Another great page.