Saturday, June 30, 2012

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Another two-for today.
Again using a scrapburst and a sketch challenge.

Your layout must include a length of Bunting and a Tree.
The Bunting can be any shape or style, but you MUST use MORE than 3.
The Tree can be in the paper, a stamp, screen, chip shape or other - but you MUST have BOTH on the layout.


at Zoeys 1st b'day

The background papers were chosen because they already had the ric-rac edge in the design. The paper behind the photos are intended to look like the picnic mat pattern the kids are on. 

The sketch this time comes from Scrapbook Supplies Online

So I added an extra photo to the sketch and used the circle nearby as a speech bubble for what I'm sure Chloe would have been thinking.

The popular notebook style edge in the sketch, was changed into punched trees for the scrapburst.

And finally the bunting, I used just the basic triangle shape and cut them out from all the different papers already used on the page. I cut the triangles a little bigger and actually folded them over the string so that they can move along it.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Apple of my Eye

Today I have a 'two-for' layout to share.
I have created this layout one of Scrapvilles Scrapbursts in mind.

You must include this WORD in the Title, or a derivative of this word.

I must admit this page took me an extremely long time to complete. Just when I thought it was done, I'd get up the next morning, pull it apart and start again.

Apple of my Eye

The page is about the first time that Chloe had pieces of apple. She loved them but kept choking on the bits she broke off, hadn't quite figured out how to chew.

The second part of this page comes from the Purple Pumpkin crafts June sketch challenge.

I have rotated the sketch (seem to be doing that alot) and used different apples in place of the circles.

The bottom middle apple is an imaginisce stamp using paint instead of ink to give it a bit of dimension as the stamp kinda makes a groove in the paint. The other apples are fussy cut from the photo backing paper.
Hope you guys like it, I'll still not share lol

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Yay for me!

Hey guys sorry I disappeared for a bit there. Had some family and friend time, it was fantastic!
Unfortunately it means I fail miserably at my page a day challenge but I share with you today a personal triumph. For the first time I have won a scrapbook challenge! YAY!
If you have been following for a while you might remember the Scrapville sketch challenge for May/June 'Love is... Looking @ You'. Well to my surprise I was victorious! YAY!
Heres the page again for you to check out

And hopefully I will be back on my game again next week and share lots with you.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sleep Tight

Another personal record was broken yesterday, two layouts in one day! Yay!
I'm starting to feel a lot like a single mum, Brenden is away for the 4th week in a row so hopefully more pages by the end of this week, a page a day, wish me luck.

Nighty Night

Sleep Tight

This page is the second one completed yesterday and features six photos of some of the weird ways Chloe sleeps. Her favourite is up on her knees with her puppy close by, crazy child!
I fought with this page for a while, I couldn't decide which colours to focus on from the photos. At first I thought pink with white dots like her sheets, then browns from the puppy and even thought of blowing a photo of her puppy as the backround. Finally I decided to just ignore the photo colours and think about the subject instead. Sleeping, night time = silver and blue.

This page is again inspired from a creative scrappers sketch and again I have rotated it, this tie 90degrees to the left. I love this sketch, it has room for lots of photos and still leaves some white space. I actually printed the photos for this sketch so this page probably wouldn't have happened without it.

I have used one of my new favourite techniques again, misting. My original plan was to create the idea of a misted star baby mobile onto the background, but honestly couldn't be bothered. Instead I punched 'Z's out of blank paper and used them with some stars as marks. I ended up using some of the masking zs as embellishments.

Hope you like the page and I best start creating so I have something to share with you tomorrow.

Monday, June 18, 2012


Just finished this one today.

Outfit No.147

I'm not sure if this outfit is actually number 147 there just the numbers I had the most of, but its probably close lol I have a habit of taking a photo of Chloe in each one of her new outfits. The tag which is sitting in my handmade pocket has the journalling explaining this.
The two top boarders are made with a bow punch to match the bow in her hair then scalloped by hand.

CS Sketch #211

I based the layout out on the above sketch from creative scrappers, I have rotated it right by 90degrees for the portrait photo.

The buttons are actually sewn onto the page with the stitching. I tried to use the we r memory keepers sew easy, but the layers were too thick for it too pierce, so using the dents it created I pierce the paper with a thumb tack.
A nice a simple page. I think I'll be doing a lot more stitching on my pages from now on.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Not the Vacuum

A very very different layout for you today.
Normally I tend to do bright and colourfully pages that feature nice smiling faces, not today...

Not the Vacuum

I think you already know the story behind the page, Chloe recently became terrified of the vacuum, even if it wasn't on.
The layout is based on Annas Craft Cupboard June 2012 sketch challenge.

I tried to make the page reflect the horror in Chloes face. Using red paint splatters and 'claw' marks made from cutting the background with a steak knife and putting red cardstock behind.

Disclaimer: Chloe was in no way hurt for the taking of this photo and the vacuum was quickly moved away (to the kitchen door to keep her out hehehe)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

ScrabBurst #1

Scrapville are doing a great challenge for the month on June that they called Scrapburst. The idea is to create a layout using the criteria of the scrapburst. There are 4 altogether and you have until June 30th to complete and email them in.
Today I share with you my layout for scrapburst #1

Your layout can only include a combination of Kraft and 2 other Colours. Mix and Match to get them right, but only using these elements. You may use your chosen techniques BUT in these colours (where applicable)!

My Daughter

The photos in the layout are actually the same photo, one in colour and one black and white. I had both printed and couldn't decide which was better, the colours are great but you can see her smiling face better in the black and white one, hence there both there.

I love this little sticker, it is so true! I've had it in my stash for ages and have been dying to use it.
Go check out the scrapburst for yourself and I'll share my others when there done.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Whenever the end of financial year comes closer I sometimes wonder why do I buy anything during the year! The savings are huge on everything! Including scrapbooking.
Over at Aunty Veras Scrap and Craft online store there is currently a 20 day EOFY sale! A new special everyday for 20 days! And for those saving savvy never fear, you can make an order of the items you want each day and only pay the already cheap postage once!
Why not check out the sale each day and grab yourself a bargain.

4 Generations

Hi everyone.
I have a bunch of scrap challenges to share with you, to start I share a layout based on the sketch challenge over at ScrapFriends for the month of June.

It was one of those times when I saw the sketch and instantly knew the photos to use, mainly because of the thin photo space to the left. Even though I still struggle for quite a while to produce the page.

4 Generations

The photos are of the 4 generations of woman in my family the first time we got together. Chloe is a mere 6 weeks old here and was a little milk drunk for the photos...
I've started to love misting and this page features misted hearts in the background and also a 4 as the title was going to be too long otherwise.

I tried to keep an older look to the page with the brown mist and lots of tearing. The teared paper at the top and bottom is the same paper as the background unmisted and flipped, when I was tearing one of them ripped which annoyed me a first but I think the staples fit in well and also serves another important role. Holding the hidden tag so it doesn't get lost.
The tag has a photo of an empty chair as that nothing goes to plan with a baby...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Hey everyone!
Hope all you wonderfully Aussies had a great long weekend!! I did nothing, and loved every minute of it =D
Thought I might quickly share a card a made the other week for Brendens niece Mia.
I'm not normally a card marker but I had to leave for the birthday party in an hour, Chloe was fast asleep and I didn't have a card, hence quickly whipped this up

I used a piece of scrap white card stock as the card itself then decorated the front using papers from the Kaisercraft La-Di-Da collection 6" paper pad. I created the banners using the Fine & Sunny stamps again from Kaisercraft, making the 'HAPPY' sway simply by attaching to DMC silver floss.

The lettering is various alphabet stamps and finally put bling letters inside.
Hope Mia liked it.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Pieces of Me

The last of the layouts from last week.
On Chloes 6 month bday I went photo crazy and I snapped pictures of every bit of her with a page like this in mind.

Pieces of Me

I was originally thinking of using the title 'Elements of Chloe' but when I saw the chipboard in a great scrapbook shop in my hometown I new it would be perfect.
I was sure to have a picture of everything that is in the text which I typed and printed in word. 

I cropped different photos showing parts of Chloe and put them into the same word document as the film strip in yesterdays post and printed them altogether to save wasting photo paper.

I created the background by using a puzzle punch on 4 different papers then pieced them together leaving a blank space here and there. I then used a mist to put the '6' in the corner, I thought it was a good subtle way of putting the date on the page. 

I am happy with the way this page turned out and hope you like it to.
Enjoy your weekend.
Nicole. XoXoX.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Zoom Zoom

So after months and months and months (and I really do mean months) of searching for a scrapbook store thats not too far away, it turns out there was a huge one just around the corner this whole time!! My bank account is going to notice this discovery!
Today I share another of last weeks new layouts. There are some new techniques for me on this page.

Zoom Zoom

First, I created a series of photos, kinda like a film strip, to show Chloe running down the hallway. To do this I just inserted each photo into a word document, resized and printed on A4 photo paper.
Second, is the chipboard title which is painted then traced around with a silver pen.
Third, I watered down some paint and spattered it onto the background cardstock, can't really she it in the pictures.
And finally the chevron pattern through the middle is actually straight lined pattern paper which was cut at 30 degrees in even pieces, stuck to a piece of plain paper, then cut out as it is now.

We called Chloe road runner (among other things) while she was racing around in her walker, so I found the baby road runner picture on the net and printed it.
Chloe really could get up some speed in that thing. She was a bit upset when we went back home to the carpet floors but built her leg muscles up and now zooms faster then ever everywhere.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tough Chic

Well hi there everyone.
Time for one of last weeks new layouts. After the success of my first all Kaisercraft layout I did it again last Monday and doubled the Kaiser-ness by using there Saturday Sketch.

Saturday Sketches May #4

Every Saturday Kaisercraft put up a new sketch for you to use and if 70% of it is their products you can link the layout up to the blog post and have the chance to win $50 worth of new products! How great would that be.
Tough Chic

The picture is of Chloe at 3 months in her 'wife beater' and daddys sunnies.
So like last time everything except the title is Kaisercraft (and maybe the black felt heart, can't remember where that came from) mainly the Love Notes collection.

Whenever I see a scrapbook paper that is made up of lines of patterns, I instantly think value of money and snatch them up to use as boarder strips, I also think the same with patterned paper with separated elements that can be cut out. I have used both methods on this page.
Hope you like it.

Monday, June 4, 2012


Hey guys.
Hope you all had a good weekend?
Mine was busy. Unfortunately no scrapping got done. But near fear, during the week I certainly made up for it.
After completely a few layouts recently in just one day I wondered if I could do it consecutively and set myself another challenge, 5 projects in 5 days. And to my surprise I came damn close! Completing 3 layouts, 1 card and beginning an off the page project. For coming so close I must thank Brendens work for sending him away all week, my car for breaking down and rendering me house bound and of course Chloe for continuing to be an amazingly good baby.
I'll share these projects with you later this week.
For now a little promotion for Imaginisce, a company which produces pretty much everything you might need to create great paper projects and who currently on facebook have 9815 'likes'.
They have pulled together some great sponsors and are giving away loads of prizes in anticipation of them reaching the big 10,000! So why not head over and give them a hand, hit like so that we can all win so great stuff! Maybe even let them know Nicole from craftsforchloe sent you =)
Bye for now, off to photograph my new stuff to share with you soon.
Lots of love.
Nicole. XoXoX.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Double Yay!

Yay! and Yay!
One yay for Friday and one yay for the first of the month.
Today, not only do kids pinch and punch but the scrapping blog-a-verse erupts in a frenzy of inspiration and chances to win. I look forward to playing with all the sketch challenges. Do you know of a good blog or challenge? let me know in the comments please.

In the meantime back to the old layouts again.
Going with the double yay, I'm going to share two pages. Both feature keepsakes as embellishments but one I like, the other I wish I could re-do.

First up is a page that tells the story of myself having a bad day and opening the door to find this looking up at me.
I Love Mummy

Was I cranky before...?
The title is actually the post-it in the picture, I think including the keepsakes in your layout is great. This post-it would have otherwise sat in a draw then evenually got thrown out, but now its here for everyone to see forever.

The page is very very simple. I thought the story that went with the picture was just as important as the photo itself, so didn't want to detract from it and tried to kinda force your eyes to read the journalling. With just some simple circles, stamps and punched date in the corner so its not completely bare and page is done.

The next page is one of my very first pages which I would have done very different given the time again.

Introducing Chloe

I think this is a great photo of Chloe at just 4 days old, although the page does not do it justice.
So like above keepsakes are establishments, 4 of them this time. On the left is Chloes hospital wrist band and on the right is mine, while at the top is the info card that is stuck on the babies bed and at the bottom the name card from the special care nursery.

Hope uou have a great weekend! See you all Monday.