Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sky is the Limit

I finally bring you a more recent page today (about time hey).
On the weekend I set myself a challenge; to create an entire layout using only Kaisercraft products. I ended up finding this really easy, as I was limited to what I could use alot of decision making was taken away and being an indecisive person, this helped.

Sky is the Limit
especially in daddys arms

So of the whole page only the letters for Sky are not Kaiser. I used a bit of this and a bit of that including stamps, rub-ons, tiny alphas, sticker sheet, 12" page and 6" paper pads.

Not only is it all Kaisercraft but it also uses cheap tip #2 smaller paper pads. The green along the bottom is two pieces joined together, the clouds are stamped and cut from one and if you take the photo away it actually looks like this;

Could you tell from the first photo?
(I tried to edit out my cutting mat that you can see through the middle, thats why it looks a bit funny)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Hey everyone.
Just a quick post to let you know an Australian online scrap shop in closing down, it sucks to lose another one but it translates to some great savings for us.
Why not check them out. Scraploot. See if you can find a bargain.

My First Smile

Sharing another cheap page with you today using cheap tip #1 from yesterday; print, trace and cut.

My First Smile

This entire page is created from 3 pieces of paper and two buttons. Total cost would be under $1.

I cut the two boarders from pink card stocks then used the left over inner section to cut out everything else. The button flowers actually hide my mistakes of not matching the waves up correctly but look good anyway.

A couple of things you must remember when using printed fonts for your title, make sure the font you have chosen is not too fiddly and delicate. It would suck to have spent all that time printing, tracing and cutting to then rip one when you go to glue it. Another helpful point is to trace to the back of your letters so that if you don't stick exactly to the lines they wont be seen, but remember to trace it backwards so that its right when you turn them over, this may have caught me out before...
Have fun.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Big Bigger Biggest

Another belly page.
This layout shows the growth of my belly over the last 10 weeks.
Most people think scrapbooking is expensive. Well your right. But it doesn't have to be. There are a few tricks that I use to keep costs low. For example, this whole page probably cost like $2.

Big Bigger Biggest

I thought the tittle 'Big Bigger Biggest' was appropriate and tried to keep it through the page, by making the title in growing size and each photo a bit bigger the the last.
Cheap tip #1 print, trace and cut lettering yourself. Its a bit time consuming but often looks better then buying them, I doubt I could have got the words in different sizes like that from any store. There are ample fonts, sizes and colours to make exactly what you want.

Cheap tip #2. 6*6 or 8*8 paper pads. These are just shrunk versions the 12*12 papers and are usually a lot cheaper. Using a white backing (or any other colour) stick the small papers on to it and create you background that way. You can then place photos or embellishments over the joins to hide them, or embrace them by leaving gaps and let the back peck through as I have on this one.

And lastly cheap tip #3. Inks. By buying most things in white you can then ink them to any colour you wish. On this page I have used two white flowers, left one white and inked the other black. Usually by inking or even colouring with markers yourself you get a great look and can completely customize it.
Hope I have helped you save some money.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

We Loved You

Another must have page: the belly shot.
I much as we might not like it at the time, you just must take a photo of your pregnant belly. I really didn't think I was big until I looked back at mine, well I knew I was big but not that big.

We Loved You
even before we met you

I must confess, in the original picture the shirt I'm wearing is a bright blue. However considering we didn't know Chloe was a Chloe and how much the blue stood out it just didn't work. But thanks to a program my photo-rific friend Toan gave me I was able to change it.

Hidden behind the flower there is a little journaling card which explains the photo was taken when I got the phone call to come to the hospital to be induced. I thought it was nice to make note of it, but did't want to take anything away from the massive belly.
Happy weekend to all.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Boy or Girl

As I mentioned yesterday, I have already accidently made two pages with similar basic layouts. Woops.
The first is the one I showed on Wednesday, the second is:

Boy or Girl

So as you can see it is one of the must make pages, the ultrasound (there'll be another up tomorrow). This actually replaces one a friend made for you at my baby shower that Chloe got to ={ 
It is similar to the 'Sleep over' page has it has the same principle of two photos in the diagonal corners and a band through the middle. However I'm still happy with the page.

The paper was actually already split colors like that. The most time consuming part of the page would be the row of flowers, because the glitter ones came with different coloured gem in the middle. I had to take that gem off without any glitter then stick the right colour on. I had glitter under my nails for a week.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Love is...

Yet another sketch challenge for you guys.
This one comes from a great shop front store in albury/wodonga called scrapville that also runs a fantastic blog. I like the fact there challenge closes mid month rather then the end like all others and just love there skethes.
I had a very hard time deciding which photo to use with this one, had soo many ideas.

May 2012 Scrapville

I love doing sketch challenges, if you hadn't noticed. Who doesn't love the chance to win something. But mainly they provide a layout that I might not otherwise think of myself. No doubt I will end up with millions of pages for Chloe and would hate to look back and think they are too similar. I've already kinda done it once with the layout before and the next one I'll post.

Love is... Looking at You

I try to avoid too much pink both in Chloes clothes and her scrap pages, just because shes a girl doesn't mean she cant have blue. But with this layout I thought well she is a girl after all, lets pink it up. I may have even taken it a bit far... The sketch is flipped and even though the picture isn't exactly in the right spot, I think the sketch is still there.

I put the word 'you' in a brighter pink and different style so that you could read the title two ways depending where your eyes wonder, it could read 'Love is... Looking at You' or just 'Love is... You' both are so true and work well.
Until tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sleep Over

Going back in time again now.
This is another of my first few pages, the problem I had with this page was that it isn't an overly happy subject but I thought it was something that still should be scrapped. I tried to make it light-hearted with the child like title.
Sleep Over
in the special care nursery

The pictures depicted Chloe while she was under UV lights in the special care nursery because of jaundice, thankfully she was just there the one night. Looking back, it probably wasn't a huge thing but at the time (and possibly all those crazy hormones and because Brenden couldn't be there) it felt like the end of the world.
Unfortunately when I started out scrapping I was unaware of journaling, which this page really could of done with, it doesn't even mention jaundice anywhere.
When I went to do the page I was going to use a kaisercraft paper I had seen with cool clouds, but I couldn't find it at any local stores, so simply cut out my own and stuck them on blue cardstock.

The band through the middle is actually the eye cover Chloe had in hospital and in the photos. The alternative lettering in the title was from necessity not design, there are never enough e's.
Oh I also have to say a big thankyou to Chloe for having two massive naps yesterday and partner Brenden for cooking dinner so that I could start and finish a layout in the same day. Unheard of! Hopefully I can share it with you tomorrow
Bye for now.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

First Shoes

Hi guys.
I have another sketch challenge layout for you today, inspired by the sketch from Anna's Craft Cupboard a wonderful Australian online scrap shop.

May 2012 Sketch Challenge 

I love putting multiple photos onto a page, just one photo rarely tells the full story. When I saw this sketch I instantly thought of when Chloe wore her first pair of shoes.

First Shoes

The smaller photos were perfect for a close up of the shoes and the two bigger for the 'picture perfect' photo of her in the shoes and the reality photo of Chloe pulling them off.

Little bit of distressing and a curl for dimension. 

I'm not a fan of my own hand writing on layouts, so I love using tiny and mini alphas to avoid it.
Thanks for popping by.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Smile 2 Cry

From the first ever layout straight to the most recent.
I just finished this tonight, inspiration came from the creative scrappers sketch #208

I had these photos printed and title planned for a long time but it took until I saw this sketch to decide what to do with them. (Sorry the photos aren't great, had to take them on my phone)

Smile 2 Cry
in the blink of an eye

The lettering is up on foam adhesive, a couple of letters weren't in colours I approved of, so I traced and cut them out of spare paper and the ribbon thread brads have there appropriate colour in the middle. 
I made the banners just from a tooth pick and printed text, I tried to much the colours with a embellishment at the bottom which says 'so sad... but so cute'

They really can go from being so happy to so cranky soo quickly!
Hope you like it.

First Layout

So while my man is making bacon and eggs (score) and the bubba is asleep (double score), I thought it only fitting that the first layout I share with you be the first layout I ever did.

Fathers Day

This is a layout of Brenden and Chloe's first ever fathers day. She was just a tiny 2.5 weeks old at the time. At such a young age she was already a daddys girl. Although the pipe cleaners my look a little random they are actually something that Brenden brought home (randomly) one day for Chloe. Looking back at the page now I was I had put the actually date somewhere on it. But hey, it was my first page after all.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Big Hello

A big hello to anyone and everyone out there in the internet universe.
As I finally got a new laptop (after months without and serve withdrawals) I thought I'd treat myself and make my own little corner of the interverse.
So here it is. My blog.
Named 'Crafts For Chloe' after my beautiful little daughter Chloe, who has inspired me (and allowed me the time) to purse my creative side, well at least to see if a have one... 
I manly dip into scrapbooking, so I suppose a majority of my content will be layouts but who knows what else I will be compelled to share. 
I only became a scrapper just 7 months ago so I will be the first to admit that I am far from being a pro. I guess every person who scraps has a reason they began, obviously my reason is Chloe but the idea of scrapbooking came from my lovely mummy, who made me an album for my 21st. I thought it was fantastic and loved flicking through reminiscing. Just 2 months after that I discovered my mini-me was on the way and instantly knew I wanted my child to have what my mum had given me, a book that evoked feelings and memories.
So there is a nice blurb about me. I will endeavor to post often but with a 9 month old baby, I can't promise.
Hope you will stick around and visit often.
Lots of Love.