Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Reading the title you may think I have another great sale or giveaway, sorry to disappoint but no that is the title of my latest page.


The photos come from a family shopping trip when Brenden sat Chloe in a big display of 'pillow pets' at 6 moths old. This kinda stuff happens all the time with Brenden around.

Again, it is a sketch challenge from the fantastic embellishment shop Purple Pumpkin. Each month they have a great sale and this month I snatched up a Girl Lucky Dip bag and can't wait to see what will be inside!

It has been a while since I've created a brightly coloured layout, so seeing as these photos remind me of the fun silly things that Brenden does with his bubba, I wanted to go full on colour!

The FUN sticker was actually an accident, I was holding the sticker over to see if it would work and got too close because I couldn't get it back again. I am happy with it but I would have tried to avoid the crease.

Once I had finished the page and stick it all down, I decided it needed something else. All the clean edges annoyed me, so I took a zig pen and doodled around everything to mess it up a bit.

I probably shouldn't admit this on the internet (and Mandy you'll love this).
I had finished the page and photoed it and began to type up my post. For some reason a little red line kept showing up under my title, go away little line.
Then I looked back at my page and the photos of it.
Oh Shit!
I spelled the title wrong.
Luckily I was able to get the sticker off with out ripping the paper and did some extra doodling to hide the wrong outline. Thank god for spell check!
Anyone else done something silly like that?


Sunday, July 29, 2012


Well hi there...
A new layout to share with you today.


For the first time I have included photos of Brenden and I prior to Chloe. I thought it would be nice for when Chloe looks back through her albums to see what Mummy and Daddy used to look like.

The idea for this page came from Crafty Sketches monthly challenge,

The sketch having a love heart around two photos and a third outside, instantly made me think of the '1+ 1 =' of Brenden and I adding to have Chloe.

It took me a while to decide what the equation was going to equal, 1+1=1 with a picture of Chloe by herself, 1+1= You, 1+1= Family, 1+1= Perfection, etc.

My original plan was to make the heart out of lots of quilling. Quilled hearts and flowers. But I got lazy and when I saw the heart and 'LOVE' tapes in a spotlight store, I new I had found my replacement. One quilled heart still made its way onto the page though. When tidying my scrap-crap, I found the string and wanted to give the heart dimension so threw it on too plus a heart button.

I added a primary school rhyme which I thought appropriate as journalling;

Seeing as Brenden and I aren't married, I did toy with the idea of changing the words in the rhyme but decided to keep it as is and just cross out the word marriage as a subtle stab.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Facing Forward

Hey hi.
Back again today with another layout using Scrapvilles Monthly Pack:

This time I wanted to create an layout which was not in line with the beachy feel of the paper range, so I dug up a photo I had been trying to scrap for ages and so determined to make it work.
The photo is of Chloe in her baby seat the first time we turned it around, she was so happy that she could see us and the world while in the car now and made it alot easier to keep her entertained on the long trip.

So I actually thought I had finished this layout, even had photographed it and written the blog post, before I looked back at it and decided to change/add to it a bit. The first take looked like this:

Facing Forward

The second take was only a little different. I fought so desperately hard to try and bring the hints of red out the first time around, but just couldn't do it, I think I like the photo too much and the hint of colour it has. Although second time I brought it in just a little with the tulle photo edge.

(minus the photo quality not being as good)
Oh did I mention, surprise surprise, this is a sketch challenge layout. This time from the Creative Scrappers blog, which offer a new sketch each week.

The sketch has been turned 90degrees to the left. I used the detail behind the photo in the sketch as an arrow with the chevron wood like paper (loved it!) and kept the arrows going under the title and randomly around the background.


Monday, July 23, 2012

Cornulla Beach

Hey guys and girls!
I'm back, did you miss me? How dare life get in the way of scrapbooking =P
Today I bring you a page that once again is a challenge entry (seems to be all I'm doing these days, damn inspiring challenges!) but not a sketch challenge.
This challenge is from a favourite of mine, Scrapville. While I was on my little break back in my country home town, a dropped by the Scrapville store and picked up a 'Monthly Pack'. As the name suggests, each month the lovely ladies put together a pack of scraping goodies for you to create anything with. And if you can make something using only what is in the pack (exception of ink, misting and large alpha) email it in and best piece wins the next pack free! Yepee!

The Pack

This paper features 5 fantastic double sided papers from Authentique, 4 cardstock papers, Authentique alpha sticker sheet, 3 brads, 2 buttons, chipboard bit, pin, some flowers and 3 lengths of trims.
And I created...

1st time at Cornulla Beach

Unfortunately the page doesn't seem to photograph well... Form these papers I couldn't go past beach photos and lucky for me Chloe had just been to Cornulla Beach for the first time just days ago.
I split the page into three sections, the sand, the water and the sky.

A did a spot of paper piecing and inking in this layout. The sand section has a paper pieced sand castle and tiny foot prints which came from a boarder punch I have in anticipation of Chloe learning to walk. All the bits in this section are inked around the edges so that they can be seen and to give dimension.

The sky section features a paper pieced kite using the ribbon and white ink blotches to add subtle clouds, I did try tearing some of the white cardstock but made them stand out too much.
The sky also has the title in it, I wish I had positioned the letters differently but they stick quick.

The water section was created by layering pieces of torn paper trying to give it waves and dimension. It was almost a shame to tear up these papers but it exposed the white core to add to the wave effect.

Do you like it? Let me know and come back tomorrow to see another layout using this great pack.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

More Giveaway Goodness

Who doesn't like the chance to win stuff?!?!
Thats why when I see a get giveaway happening I like to let you guys know about it so that you can get aboard and have the chance to win too.
This one is happening over at Purple Pumpkin, a scrapbooking embellishment shop that provide fantasticly cute buttons that I just need to get and also run an awesome blog with one of my favourite things, a sketch challenge.
They are currently having a give away with one of four lucky dip embellishment packs up for grabs, which can also be purchased on there up coming sale night (the 27th of July)
So not only is there a give way, but there is a sale too!! OMG! Yay!
Why not go have a look, just don't win my prize =P

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Glitter giveaway!

Hey everyone!
Just letting you know about an absolutely awesome giveaway happening over at tattered angels.
Tattered angels are the creators of my new favourite products, glimmer mists!
I love misting! You can do amazing things with it! And the glimmer mists by tattered angels give a great mix of colour and shine!
The giveaway is simple, just vote HERE and tell them if your a Plain Jane (clean and simple) or a Glimmer Gabbie for the chance to win $200 of goodies!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Bubba

And back into the future with new layouts today.
This layout has one of my all time favourite photos, although I do have many favourites, I just love the sweet caring look in Brendens eyes as he lovingly cuddles Chloe, this happens all the time too.

my bubba!

Its true, Brenden really doesn't like to share His bubba!
This is a beautiful photo of Brenden and Chloe cuddling on the coach when she is just a 3 weeks old.
It is another sketch inspired layout from sketchbook 365, these guys do a mid-month challenge which is sponsored by different companies each time.

I instantly loved the rips in the backing paper in this sketch, especially as it shows off both sides of the paper. So many times I have a piece of double sided pattern paper which I love both sides of and silly me I only grabbed one so have to choose.

I love the little brads that I found that look like screws, they are perfect to keep the wood effect going and keep it a little manly.

Hope you like it.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Christmas in July

Welcome back to my Christmas in July. Another layout to share with you today.

2011 Christmas

Not the best photo of the page, but you get the idea.
The page was designed to look like the lower part of a Christmas tree with the photos and title in bobbles hanging from the tree.
The photos are of Chloe (as always) posing under the tree in a Santa outfit my cousin brought her. The middle photo is the good one and the side ones previous attempts, in one she fell over and the other knocked all the presents done.

There are a number of rub-ons on these two Christmas pages, the 'naughty or nice?' is so appropriate. I have since developed a love-hate relationship with rubons (like many scrappers I think). They look fantastic if I don't stuff them up.

The 2011 bobbles are attached on the back of the layout and dangle freely as the page is moved.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Christmas in July

Hi there everyone.
Welcome back.
Today and tomorrow I have decided to do my own Christmas in July and once again share some of my old layouts themed around Chloes first Christmas.

My First Christmas

I designed this page to look like a present, with a ribbon wrapping it, the title on the ribbon and a picture from Christmas in each created section.
From memory the hardest part of this page was deciding which photos to use (except the santa photo of course, thats a no-brainer)

Hope you like it. Another one tomorrow.