Thursday, January 30, 2014

Love You Guys - ACC & Scrapbook Creations

Well I did it. Yet another layout for this month. That takes the grand total to 6! And think that will be it. I was hoping to get in one more but seem to have run out of time. There was just soo much inspiration around this month!!

Love Love Love You Guys!

I have LOVED this photo pf Jayce and Chloe from the moment I saw it! They look so happy having a nice cuddle in the morning.
Inspiration for this page came from two different places.
First up, the layout is from the January sketch challenge over at the online store Annas Craft Cupboard

My followers out there have probably realised by now that I just can't help myself when it comes to hearts! They make their way into most of my pages one way or another. So when I saw this sketch I just knew I'd have a photo perfect for it.

Second is from the January Inspiration Board at the blog of the Scrapbook Creation Magazine.

You can probably guess that most of my inspiration came from the top left photo of the bright umbrella with the dull background. I couldn't resist re-creating it on my page.

To create the heart I simply drew the it on white cardstock, divided it up, numbered the pieces then cut up the slices and then cut out that shape from Bella Blvd papers. By using Bella Blvd I knew that any papers I chose the colours would go together well. Love that all their products. Then it was just a matter on sticking them back in order onto another piece on white cardstock.

Like the inspiration piece I wanted the only colour to be in the heart hence I kept embellishments to a minimum. Instead making the title a bit more interested by backing the words love 2 and 3 times in grey-scaled cardstock. Plus two lines of grey vellum hearts to really hit home the love around the photo.

I really do love these guys and it makes me soo proud to see them love each other soo much! They light up when they see each other! I know it will all change one day but until then I relish every moment!
XoXoX Nicole

Cardstock - Black, dark grey, light grey, white.
Bella Blvd - Freestyle Sophisticates - Scallop
Bella Blvd - Baby Boy - Mommas Boy
Bella Blvd - We're Expecting - Baby Boy Bump
Bella Blvd - Mr Boy - Borders & Blocks
Bella Blvd - Freestyle Sophisticates - Pickled Juice
Bella Blvd - Baby Boy - On The Go
Bella Blvd - Socialite - Cute Cuts
Bella Blvd - Winter Wonder - Icy
Bella Blvd - Too Cute To Spook - Spooky Night
Bella Blvd - Christmas Wishes - Christmas Love
Bella Blvd - Baby Girl - Snuggly Safari
Bella Blvd - Winter Wonder - Blizzard
Bella Blvd - Baby Girl - Boarders
Bella Blvd - Birthday Girl -
Skipping 5 - Puffy Things
Amy Tangerine - Thickers - Goodness

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Water Slide - Stuck?!

Yet another page to share, say what!?! Which takes my January total to 5, think I can make it to 6...?
This layout is about Chloe having a ball on a water slide in the backyard, I think Brenden had just as much fun and we all had to have a go!

Water Slide

The design for this layout was also from a sketch challenge over at Stuck?! When I saw the sketch it was kinda an obvious choice which photos to scrap with it.

I was pleasantly surprised when I looked back at the photos I took and noticed I had managed to catch a snap of Chloes face soo happy while sliding down, I had to emphasis it! I did so my printing it zoomed, in a different shape, backing it with white on some foam dots and sticking fun words around it.

More often then not my journalling is usually just your basic who, what, where and when. Lately I have realised that my photos usually tell more of a story and I am endeavoring to get more of it onto my pages. 'causes lets face it, otherwise I'll just forget. So with these photos I have also dived into a little bit about Chloes rocking relationship with water.

So do any of the design features of this page look familiar? Think you have seen them before? You should have!
Yep, folks. That's right. This page is part of a double page layout, only my second ever. I shared the first part with you yesterday. The total layout looks a lil like this:

Did you notice any of the halved embellishments yesterday? How do you think I did? I am very out of my depths working with two pages but love that I can comfortably put on lots of photos. All the photos are from the same afternoon of fun in the backyard.
Thanks for dropping by.
XoXoX Nicole

Kraft Cardstock
Bella Blvd - Sophisticates - Sparkles & Lace Plum
Bella Blvd - Sunshine & Happiness - Cute Cuts
Bella Blvd - Sunshine & Happiness - Happy Clouds
Bella Blvd - Sand & Surf - Boarders
Bella Blvd - Spring Flings & Easter Things - Cute Cuts
Bella Blvd - Winter Wonder - Icy
Bella Blvd - Winter Wonder - Ski Slopes
Bella Blvd - Baby Boy - Cute Cuts
Bella Blvd - Sunshine & Happiness - Alpha + Bits
Bella Blvd - Spring Flings & Easter Things - Miniatures
Bella Blvd - Flags - Floral
Bella Blvd - Sophisticates - Ciao Chip Pickle Juice

Monday, January 27, 2014

New-Do - Life.Paper.Scrapbook & Websters Pages

You guys must have wished super duper hard! The scrapbook fairies brought me back again on the same day!! I have a layout of my beautiful baby to share.
The page features Chloe showing off a 'new-do' that my cousin Anna did for her. I am still amazed that she managed to keep her still for that long!! Unfortunately it only lasted for about 5 minutes as Chloe tried to brush her hair and actually got upset when she realised it was ruined.


The layout is inspired by the sketch challenge over at Life. Paper. Scrapbook. When I saw this sketch it was one of those 'I MUST use this' moments. I experimented for awhile about what to make the grid out of, patterned paper, tided twine or drawing but I had never done eyelets and by now you guys should know I like trying knew things, so eyelets it was.

I was also inspired by Websters Pages. You might remember at the start of the month I shared a layout using only their products here and I still had the remnants left on near my craft space when I found their 'scrap your stash' challenges on the blog. I just couldn't resist!
There were 5 challenges. Monochromatic, Sticky, Soft, Metallic and Sketch. Here I have combined both:
Day 2 - Use something sticky.

Lots and lots of stickers spread around the sections of this layout from the Postcards From Paris 2 which are perfect from anything to do with Chloe!

And day 4 - Use metallic elements. And Websters have LOTS of great lil embellishments that cover this. I have used charms and paperclips also from the Postcards From Paris 2 collection.

While all of the papers are from the Recorded collection. There is heaps of fussy cutting in this page. All of the peg frames have been fussy cut along with a few other elements. (And I only cut myself once but being a scrapbooker I wrapped it with washi tape a kept going.)

So twice in one day hey, wonder if I can keep it up...
XoXoX Nicole.

Websters Pages - Recorded -  This & That
Websters Pages - Recorded - Perfect Accents
Websters Pages - Recorded - Remember When
Websters Pages - Recorded - Best of Times
Websters Pages - Postcards From Paris 2 - Word Stickers
Websters Pages - Postcards From Paris 2 -Tags & Prompt Stickers
Websters Pages - Postcards From Paris 2 -Buttons & Twine
Websters Pages - Postcards From Paris 2 -Crown Paperclip
Websters Pages - Postcards From Paris 2 - Charm Bronze Women
Websters Pages - Postcards From Paris 2 - Charm Balloon

Play & Pose - Kraft It Up

Wow! Can you believe it I'm back already and have a third scrap page to share with you today. And if you wish super hard, the scrapbooking fairies might bring me back again tomorrow...
So todays layout features both my lovely children playing at the bottom of a water slide together. It was a stinky hot day and this so by far the best way to spend it!

Play & Pose

The layout design was inspired by the January Challenge over at Kraft It Up. A scrapbooking challenge blog that asks you to use kraft as your background and I LOVE kraft! It is so versatile and pairs very easily with bright and muted tones!

This months challenge was to use the above sketch along with Summer themed photos, washi tape and numbers. The numbers can be found under my journalling which are the date of the pictures. And the washi down the side serves a number of perposes, first it covers up a mistake I made (clumsy fingers dropping my ink pad onto the page, fills the challenge requirements and another might be more apparent tomorrow...

It is an all round summery layout. I wanted it to look bright and fun because it really was a simple and fantastic day out in the yard.
This is another all Bella Blvd layout (you can find another one here and a very old one here). Have I mentioned I LOVE her stuff!?! And for soo many reasons! The colours are bright, the 'whites' are white and the collections are totally interchangeable! This layout is a prime example all that. In a completely summer layout two of the main pattern papers are from a winter collection!!

I chose to keep the layout relatively flat and pop up some important features and highlight them, esp. these cheeky happy faces!
What do you think? Let me know in the comments.
Bye for now.
XoXoX Nicole

It is part of a double page!! See the second page here.

Kraft Cardstock
Bella Blvd - Sophisticates - Sparkles & Lace Plum
Bella Blvd - Sunshine & Happiness - Cute Cuts
Bella Blvd - Sunshine & Happiness - Happy Clouds
Bella Blvd - Sand & Surf - Boarders
Bella Blvd - Spring Flings & Easter Things - Cute Cuts
Bella Blvd - Winter Wonder - Icy
Bella Blvd - Winter Wonder - Ski Slopes
Bella Blvd - Baby Boy - Cute Cuts
Bella Blvd - Sunshine & Happiness - Alpha + Bits
Bella Blvd - Spring Flings & Easter Things - Miniatures
Bella Blvd - Flags - Floral
Bella Blvd - Sand & Surf - Cling Stamps

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Mr Frog Man - Purple Pumpkin

So it has been quite a while but finally I bring you my second installment from the 'My Mr Man' series. You can find the first one here.
I thought this froggie suit was super cute and snapped a photo after I dressed him. Lucky too because it was the only time he got to wear it =( he had out grown it just two days latter!

My Mr Frog Man

I have used completely and only Bella Blvd and Purple Pumpkin for this layout.
I never previously liked sticking to manufacturers, thought it too restricting, but as my ever growing stash gets bigger the task of finding the exact right paper/embellishment has become almost daunting. I'm now starting to prefer it.
The page design came from the current sketch challenge over at Purple Pumpkin

I have used a portrait photo instead of landscape but I think otherwise stuck to it fairly well. Line of stars across the top,embellishment bottom right of photo, title below and partly on the photo and journalling under the title.

This is one of the cutest lil froggies (except Jayce of course) and was my main reason for choosing Bella Blvd for this layout. I tried to make it look as though the frog is sitting on a PP button and stuck the front feet to the button, the back feet to the paper direct and placed foam squares behind the head to keep it lifted.

A couple of close-ups of other PP goodies which I have placed in circles of corresponding colours.

And finally my journalling. I'm still not a big fan of my own hand writing but am too lazy to find an alternative.

Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully more to come soon...
XoXoX Nicole.

Bella Blvd - Baby Boy - Baby Blue
Bella Blvd - Baby Boy - Boarders
Bella Blvd - Baby Boy - Cute Cuts
Bella Blvd - Spring Flings & Easter Things - Cute Cuts
Bella Blvd - Love & Marriage - Alpha Bits
Bella Blvd - Sunshine & Happiness - Alpha Bits
Bella Blvd - Baby Girl - Alpha Bits
Bella Blvd - Washi
Bella Blvd - Crochet Hearts - Scallop
Purple Pumpkin - Large Spotty Button - Green
Purple Pumpkin - Large Spotty Button - Blue
Purple Pumpkin - Button - Yellow Heart

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dress Ups - Scrap The Girls

Welcome to 2014!
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Do you have any new years resolutions? I have about 50 =/ One of which is to scrap more! So far so good. Which brings me to...
My first layout of the year! I think it is a good one.

Playin' Dress Ups (with nanna)

I love how different Chloe looks in each photo yet it is pretty much just a different hat and minus a skirt.

I was inspired by the current sketch challenge over at Scrap The Girls blog. A scrapping challenge blog that is dedicated to scrappy just the females in our lives!

This sketch went perfectly with these photos as I was able to split the page into two sections which reflect the two different photos, the soft pinks for the 'glam baby' and the wood with cassette tapes for the 'rock chick'. Sad to think Chloe is probably only going to see cassette tapes in museums...

In fact it was the cassette paper in the Websters Pages 'Recorded' line that prompted me to use almost entirely Websters products. All the papers are from Recorded collection and most embellishments from the Postcards From Paris 2 collection.

I played around with the papers for a long long time. Trying different boarder strips and switching the papers over trying to get the straight edge between the papers to work for me. Then inspiration hit. I decided to stagger the transition using the patterns themselves, pieces of wood and strips of 'arrows' overlapping.

So there it is. My first page of the year and hopefully a lot more to come!
Thanks for checking it out!
XoXoX Nicole.

White cardstock.
Websters Pages - Recorded - Rewind
Websters Pages - Recorded - To The Point
Websters Pages - Recorded - Flashback
Websters Pages - Recorded - Heart Felt
Websters Pages - Postcards from Paris 2 - Word Stickers
Websters Pages - Postcards from Paris 2 - Tag & Prompt Stickers
Websters Pages - Postcards from Paris 2 -Chipboard Buttons
Websters Pages - Postcards from Paris 2 - Sentiment Stickers
Websters Pages - Postcards from Paris 2 - Charm Balloons
Skipping 5 - Puffy  Things
Pebbles - Gliter Candy Dots
Kaisercraft - Pearls
American Crafts - Thickers - Rockabye
American Crafts - Thickers -