Tuesday, July 16, 2013

DIY Photoshoot

I absolutely love newborn photo shoots. They are so so cute. The way they dress and position them is always just stunning. Often I wonder how they manage to get the baby to do that! Unfortunately professional photos wasn't in our budget so I attempted to do my own...
Jayce is almost exactly 2 weeks old, short only an hour or two. Brenden was already back at work and Nanna took Chloe for the day so she could get out of the house (I couldn't lift her into the car seat). It was the first time Jayce and I were by ourselves at home, hence I took the opportunity and set this up;

A blanket on a chair with some thickers stuck on. Nothing fancy. You may notice the 'e' looks a lil funny, probably because it is actually an a with the end cut off, thickers need more vowels especially e and a.
I started with some quick head shots.

He is a bit yellow from jaundices plus being in front of practically black exaggerates it.

For the life of me I couldn't get rid of the glare on the camera. I set up closeish to the windows for the natural light without the wind. I was trying to be as quick as possible since our house is super cold 24/7, I had a lil heater close by but still thought he could get cold.  Especially considering it was time to get naked!

Baby bottoms have to be one of the cutest things ever! That is when they are not covered in poo...
His arms look a lil chubby then they are in these pictures. He was born a heavy boy but still has thin arms and legs, I think all the weight must be in his head.

It turns out Jayce was too long and I needed an extra chair... Annoyingly you can see the gap between the chairs.
Couldn't resist throwing some blue ribbon on him, he is a boy afterall. Again if I took more time I could have done a better job of it.

This would be a great photo if it weren't for the mess of my desk/scrap storage area in the back ground.

Ooh. Pose for me...

I tried using the bow to cover his privates and get some full body shots but sir kick a lot kept moving it and all photos have some part showing, I'll keep those original pics to myself... Until his 21st...

By this photo he is started to get over it. I wanted to take more but he just wasn't going to have a bar of it. Hopefully I'll do another one with better results.

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  1. Love every one of them Nic. I hope to be alive to see his expression at his 21st. You are a very clever girl.