Thursday, August 30, 2012

Nice 2 meet You!

So considering Chloe just celebrated her first birthday, I thought I should get my butt in gear and finally scrap photos from her literal 'birth' day.
This page is about Chloe meeting her two grandmothers and great aunt still in the delivery room just hours after her birth.

I began the page using a sketch over on the Stuck?! blog which looks like this:

It ended up a little bit different to the sketch, but I think it is still there.

This page was made from only Bella Blvd products. I love there stuff, its all so fun! Most is from the first (and still only) paper pack I ever purchased, Bella Blvd Baby Girl. I have had it in my stash since I started scrapping but it collected dust because I was kinda scared to use it incase I ruined it. Silly I know.

Each photo spot is only attached by the hand stitching so that they can hinge open. I plan to ask each of the lovely ladies to write a little something about meeting Chloe for the first time and I'll put it under their respective photo.

I used some 'baby pink' paint and added some hearts plus a baby nappy pin, there were a lot more but the photos ended up covering them..
Still have many more pages of Chloes early life to do and I've already completed over 40 pages. This is going to be one very documented little girl.

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  1. Feel priviledged to have been a part of beautiful Chloe's beginning. Can't wait to comment about my feelings at the time. XXXX